Jan 18th - UMF LA 25th Birthday Party at Back to Back

Jan 18th - UMF LA 25th Birthday Party at Back to Back 

With Black Water Bride Starting at 9:00 PM

We are the Ugly Mother Fuckers of America Northwest Louisiana Chapter. 


The \"Ugly Mother Fuckers of America\" was founded in July, 1982 in San Diego, CA. Our founding father was \"Moko Joe\" (UMF #1), an escaped lunatic from Hawaii. The express purpose of the club was to take the vote away from women. Having run into some heavy resistance from the U. S. Congress, we fell in with some bad company and have been drunk and/or loaded ever since. 


We have members in Norway,  Australia, Japan, Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, and other places too rude to mention. Most of the Philipino members are Philipino fighter pilots, so we always have a pair of plyers. The vast majority of the membership is patriotic, but we don\\\'t get involved much in politics. We did mound a massive campaign to defeat the California motorcycle helmet bill. We also voted to write and congratulate  Col. Ollie North on his fight with the \\\"Commie-Pinko Fags\\\" in Washington. The secretary-treasurer has been drunk however and is not sure whether we mailed the letter or shredded it. 


Members must be ugly and at least 21-years old. It helps if you know Joe as in \"Joe Mamma\". You\'ll often see us in collusion with lewd women, but females are strictly forbidden from membership.


\"Not just another pretty face, I\'m, an Ugly Mother Fucker\"


\"Beauty is only skin deep, Ugly goes clear to the bone\"


\"Friends don\\\'t let friends say NO to drugs\"


\"It\'s not the face that counts, it\'s how you use it\"


\"We\'ll eat no swine before her time\"


\"We may not go down in history, but we will go down on your little sister\"


\"We believe in the honor system, Get honor and stay honor!\"


\"Let\'s get this party started!\"